We have been dating for over twenty years! There are countless stories and memories that we have with us over the two decades. But, it is amazing to think that we still have so many more to make. Including our wedding! Whether you are considering hopping on the boat just for the wedding, joining us for the amazing cruise, or celebrating from a far...we are so glad that you are here! Thank you for being a part of our story in some way. We appreciate you!
 Ricky and Cindy's Wedding 
June 23, 2024, 11:00AM
Carnival Pride | Carnival Cruise Port | 2001 E McComas St, Baltimore, MD 21230
The Cruise!
You can find all of the cruise details and resources by clicking the button below! You can book your cruise through the Carnival website or with our travel agent, Stacy Youngbauer, with 4 Seasons Travel (Please Get Away) in Irwin, PA. You can contact 4 Seasons Travel by calling (724) 861-4100 or emailing at [email protected]!
Where will the ceremony take place?
The ceremony will take place aboard the Carnival Pride! Once on the ship, you will be directed with where to go! 
When should I arrive to the boat?
As the cruise is still a little ways away, we don't have the final details available just yet. However, what we do know is that all guests must be aboard the ship no later than 10:45 AM. We appreciate your understanding, and we will provide further updates as soon as possible.
Do you have any suggestions on hotels to stay at before/after the cruise? 
Yes! Below you will find our two recommendations on where to stay before or after your cruise. These hotels are close enough to walk to the port and offer reasonable parking rates! They also offer shuttles to the ports for those who need it.  

There is a block of hotel rooms reserved if you follow the link to the first option listed below!

I see you don't have a registry! What do you want? 
In celebration, we kindly request that your presence be the greatest gift of all. Your love and support are truly invaluable, and we are grateful to have you join us as we begin this new chapter in our lives. Please join us in honoring our wishes to forgo a traditional registry. Your presence is all we could ever ask for. Thank you for your understanding and for being a part of our special day!
What should I pack?
Below you will find two packing lists we use to prepare for our trips! We highly suggest checking them out! 

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